Financial services companies are facing a formidable array of challenges due to changes in consumers’ appetite for debt, consumer demographics, economic conditions, geopolitical uncertainties, and regulatory constraints. To succeed in this type of environment financial institutions need to take a comprehensive look at both quantifiable and non-quantifiable risks.

This means putting into place a framework for managing all the risks for all the activities in which the financial institution is active, be they lending, asset liability management, or fee-based businesses. Such framework should be based on understanding customer behaviour, measuring risk across the enterprise as well as its individual activities, and scenario planning for developing a business strategy that embraces uncertainty rather than ignoring it.

At InfoAgora we have developed a suite of modeling methodologies and software applications that can help a financial institution build such framework to increase its profitability and enhance shareholder value. In each project we work closely with the client through the project life cycle, since, based on our experience, the corporate intelligence created by the project is as important to the client as the project deliverable.

Our proprietary customer behaviour modelling technology and the corporate knowledge resulting from its application allow an organization to find better ways to meet its competitive challenges.